In the last 15-20 years, Florence has been undergoing a process of change and continuous expansion, especially in the surrounding areas. Originally, the project was created to narrate this transformation, but along the way, the people, the community have revealed themselves to be the essence of an empathic journey, which places the human being at the center of a new sustainable, collective, and future ideology.
Neighborhood 5 of Florence, Peretola-Brozzi, adjacent to the same airport, is the most populous area of the city, with about 40,000 residents. During take-off and landing, the planes descend just 70 meters above the houses, giving rise to a series of acoustic and environmental pollutants that worry the people living in the area. There has been talking of expanding the airport for many years, with the last modification occurring in 2006. Currently, there is a new runway that could partially ''solve'' the problem, but from this idea, many criticisms have arisen, according to which the runway would extend for 2 km along the plain of Sesto Fiorentino.
Some committees have arisen in defense of this area, asking the authorities for a more ecological solution. Moreover, residents who are subject to numerous overflights, dream of a reduction of scheduled flights over their homes, which would bring the airport of Florence back to its origin, a City - Airport.
"Quartiere 5" is a project aimed at documenting the daily events of this problem, to which a solution does not seem to have been found yet. It is a project between the tedium and the resilience of those who live in the stalemate, but with the idea of a green future.

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