Gianmarco Caroti, 1990, Florence, Italy
Documentary photographer, I live and work in Florence.
After graduating from the international school of photography in Florence, I dedicated myself particularly to documentary, travel and portrait photography.
In 2017 I was able to exhibit a series of portraits at the Brick Lane Gallery in London, and since 2019 I attended some workshops and a masterclass at the association Spazi fotografici in Sarzana, where I was able to develop my first documentary photography projects, "Quartiere 5" which was published on some paper and online magazines and "Quarantine Nights" a night story about a cohabitation started during the Quarantine of the year 2020.
I carry out a constant research as a photographer that focuses mainly on recurring themes such as the environment, and social issue, I study the constant intervention of man on the earth and its consequences, and I always approach each project with empathy to the subjects with whom I relate during my works.
Graduates and Workshops 

2018 | International School of Photography APAB - Florence
2019 | Ivo Saglietti Workshop -Spazi fotografici Sarzana
2020 | Masterclass of documentary photography, teachers; Alessandro Grassani, Teodora
Malavenda, Nicolò Puppo, Diego Orlando, Francesco Merlini, Francesco Levy - Spazi fotografici Sarzana
2021 | Ph Museum, Mattia Balsamini workshop, "Osservare, restituire, trasformare" 2021
Exhibitions and publications 
2017 | Brick Lane Gallery, London, "Photography Now"(Portrait Series)
2021 | Quartiere 5 - La Repubblica
2021 | Quartiere 5 - Ful Magazine Florence
2021 | Quartiere 5 - Clickmagazine
2021 | Quartiere 5 - APA Photography awards / Honorable mentions
2021 | Quartiere 5 - Second Prize at Riaperture Photofestival, call "Ideale", Ferrara
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