The Firewise program, is a project that has its origins in the USA, since 2002, The program is aimed to provides necessary criteria and specific support at homeowners near wooded areas and regarding fire prevention.Since 2022 Tuscany is the first region in the country to want to develop the "Firewise" prevention project in view of the worsening of the fire phenomenon in recent years, mainly due to - climate change, a significant increase in coverage forested and an increase in urban forest interface areas. 
The importance of the project, is the collaboration that is created between private citizens and public bodies, it is essential to first of all, make citizens who reside in the -called interface areas responsible - located between the urban settlement and the forest - on the need to adapt the spaces around their homes to protect themselves and increase personal and neighborhood safety. 
 Through firewise, people become an active part in contrasting forest fires: around their own structures/buildings they create and maintain bands with a lower density of vegetation with the aim of reducing the effects of a possible passage of fire, creating the so-called protection.This project involves a reduction in the social cost for the institutions, but above all to have greater care of the territory, avoiding fires and environmental damage thanks to a new awareness on the part of people and being able to live in a safer environment. 
 "Cut for Save", is the work that allows me to document the development of a project at the beginning in my country, Italy, in a historical moment in which cutting and deforesting is prohibitive for the protection of the environment, in this case , the contradiction arises in which cutting the "dangerous" vegetation helps us to avoid fires harmful to nature and to those who live it in its entirety.
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